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Research Process

This simple mnemonic helps our students learn and apply the basic steps of research similar to the BIG 6:
T    he            
Q   ueen
O   rders
L    ots of
L    adyfingers
E    every time
"T"  is  TOPIC
"Q" is  creating QUESTIONS on topic
"O"  is ORGANIZING questions/big ideas 
"L"  is LIST primary/secondary sources 
"L"  is  LOCATE sources
"E"  is EVALUATE sources
Evaluate on: currency, credibility, read-ability and navigability: is it current? is author or org. an expert? facts are biasedor accurate? can i read, understand it? is website easy to use, links are active?) or CCRN
Next steps are Note-taking, drafting, editing, bibliography and final product.

Note Taking

T  able of Contents
I   ndex
G lossary
H  eadings
T  opic Sentences
"TIGHT" is to skim or quickly look for responses to topic questions in a book's table of contents, index, glossary, headings and topic sentences  (first 2 sentences of a paragraph).  Always take notes in YOUR OWN WORDS & ACKNOWLEDGE the ideas of others.
diaries, letters, personal belongings, original documents & pictures from person or during event.
textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, websites made AFTER event or person expires.