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Manoa School Student Association

Established in 1971, the purpose of Manoa School Student Association (MSSA) is to give students experience in
a) working together, sharing ideas, and making decisions;
b) discussing and solving school problems and concerns;
c) developing leadership qualities; and
d) planning worthwhile activities.
MSSA is comprised of seven officers and two homeroom representatives from each grade 3-5 classroom (NO CLASS REPS FOR SY 2020-2021). Officers include president, vice-president, sergeant at arms, grade 5 historian, grade 4 historian, corresponding secretary, and recording secretary. Participants must be making satisfactory progress in all of their classes.

SY 2021-2022

Congratulations to our newly elected MSSA Officers and Board Members! Click through the slideshow to view our MSSA team! 

SY 2020-2021

Spring 2021 MSSA Newsletters

Attention Students!

Have a question or need advice? Email us today at
Our MSSA first projects are complete! Our safety video was made entirely by Alexandria Tsuchiya, Chloe Loi, Zane Dalgamouni, and Kiara Keopuhiwa-Siracusa! Our survey was developed and will be analyzed by Preston Harada, SaraAnne Chong, Ayla Dixon, and Keao Ramsey.  Stay tuned for same safety posters that you'll see around campus starting in January, created by Kamryn Ichiyama, London Chadwell, Kiele Ing, Kaela Santo, Katelyn Kawamura, Olivia Leo, and Sarai Wong! Thank you MSSA team for your hard work in preparing our students to return to campus!


Preston Harada - President
Kamryn Ichiyama - Vice President
Katelyn Kawamura - Recording Secretary
Kiele Ing - Corresponding Secretary
SaraAnne Chong - 5th Grade Historian
Zane Dalgamouni - 4th Grade Historian
Chloe Loi - Sergeant-At-Arms
5th Grade Board Members:
Alexandria Tsuchiya
Ayla Dixon
Kaela Santo
Keao Ramsey
Kiara Keopuhiwa-Siracusa
Olivia Leo
Sarai Wong

MSSA Projects

MSSA takes part in various projects throughout the school year. Here are some of the projects we have been apart of.
Hi-5 Recycling Day

MSSA collects HI-5 recyclables to help save our Earth and also raise money for Manoa School. We will be collecting aluminum, plastic, and glass containers once a month throughout the year as one of their service group projects.