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Friendship Exchange

One component of our multifaceted enrichment program provides learning opportunities that extend beyond traditional textbooks to expand each child's experiences and to develop each child's potential. Much of the preparation and activities for the trip and visitation are conducted outside of school. These include participation in preparation classes, preparing for performances and speeches, and fundraisers.
A cultural and educational friendship exchange between Manoa Elementary in Honolulu and Otemon Gakuin, a private school in Osaka, Japan has existed since 1989. The friendship began when Albert Ball, Director and Consul of the American Cultural Center in Osaka, asked the Department of Education to establish a sister-school relationship.
Share the Aloha spirit and unique culture of Hawaii
  • Participate in a cultural system through a home-stay experience
  • Enrich classroom experiences in Japanese language and culture
  • Provide opportunities to share experiences with other students
  • Promote world peace
Program: Spring - Otemon Gakuin visits Manoa School
Every other spring, Otemon Gakuin visits Manoa School in Honolulu, Hawaii. During this one-week stay, the Otemon students visit the school, learn about Hawaiian culture, experience an All American Picnic and see sights and other cultural stops around the island. The visit culminates with a 3-night home-stay with a Manoa School family.
Program: Fall - Manoa School visits Otemon Gakuin
Every other fall, Manoa School visits Otemon Gakuin in Osaka, Japan. During this one-week stay, the Manoa School students and chaperones visit Otemon Gakuin Elementary School. The visit includes cultural field trips around Osaka, practicing the Japanese language and a 3-night home-stay visit. This exchange affords the Manoa students a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge of another culture by means of nontraditional textbook learning.