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Squared Away 2019-2020

The Season Ends
Today we found out that we will not be travelling to the U.S. Open Robotics Championship and Vex Worlds because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have made incredible upgrades to all of the robots but we will not be able to test them in competition. We are happy and amazed with all that we have accomplished this year and hope we can meet and do robotics next year.
Headed to Nationals and Worlds
With the Hawaii season behind us, we are now preparing for our next competitions! Teams A and W are headed to Council Bluffs, Iowa for the U.S. Open Robotics Championship while Teams X and Y are headed to Vex Worlds in Louisville, Kentucky. There's a lot to to do as we try to upgrade our robots for our final competitions of the season!
2020 Hawaiian Electric Hawaii State Elementary School VEX IQ Championship
Team Y wins the Excellence Award and is headed to Vex Worlds in Kentucy!
East Honolulu VEX IQ League Final
Team X won the Excellenc Award!
West Honolulu VEX IQ League Final
Team W was awarded the Design Award, Robot Skills 2nd Place, and Teamwork Challenge 3rd Place! Team Y won the Excellence, Teamwork Champion, and Robot Skills Awards! Both teams qualified for the Hawaii State Tournament!
2019 Pan Pacific VEX IQ Championship
Team X won the Excellence Award and earned a spot at Vex Wolrds 2020 in Kentucky! Team Y also won the Think Award for their programming!
Crusader VEX IQ Tournament
Team A wins the Excellence Award and qualifies for the Hawaii State tournament!
Team X wins the Build Award which is presented to a team that has built a well-crafted and constructed robot.
Team Y wins the Think Award which is presented to a team that has developed and effectively used quality program as part of their strategy to solve the game challenge.
Summer Session Day 8
Today we mostly did programming on Virtual World. The first world in programming was called Palm Island. I think it was called Palm Island because it has a lot of palm trees and is an island. In Palm Island I got to mission 4 where I pushed lobster traps in the water. I got to do Ruins of Atlantis also because I did Palm Island already. Ruins of Atlantis’s goal was to collect coins and diamonds. It was more challenging to do Atlantis.
Summer Session Day 7
Today we sorted pieces and made worked our drives. Me and Sloane made a better drive than our last one. It was better than the last one because it was more stable when we used the large chassis corner connectors.
Today I learned about the driver controls, the Arcade and Tank drive. Apparently you can have different controls on the same drive. I like Tank drive better because I had more practice with it.
​We were all adding lifts to our drives. I was supposed to make a double reverse 4 bar. Raihau had to make a 6 bar. I had some troubles, though. I had to make three different ones and the last one was the one that worked.
Summer Session Day 6
Today we built the third Squared Away field. I did the green cube. It was a little bit hard, but after 5 minutes, I got the hang of it. We learned about how to set up the field and also learned about what we need for our robot like a traction link so the ball won’t fall out of the claw.
We also watched the starter video. After that we practiced driving the gear and chain robot. It was fun. I managed to get some balls in the cubes, but since there was no claws, we couldn’t do too many. But I know that it was a practice robot.
We worked on our own robot designs for Squared Away and made a description of what it's supposed to do. I did something that scoops up the balls and keeps it in the pyramid position. Also it had claws that pick up the cubes and put them in the corner or on the platform. Then I drew it, it was actually hard to draw it.
While we were planning our designs we learned how we should document it in our engineering log. For the engineering log, we all learned that we need to cross out mistakes with a line instead of scribbles and how to use all of the space on the page.
​Sloane, Raihau and Seizo

2019-2020 Season

Team A
Tia, Leland, Raihau, and Seizo
Team W
Liana, Paige, Maile, and Sloane
Team X
Rylan, Ellie, ​Hope, and Elliot
Team Y
Ian, Dylan, Preston, and Daniel
Team Z
Serene, Jayton, Madison, and