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Crossover 2016-2017

The Green Tigers at Worlds
Day 4: Finals
Today is the last day of the competition. It was exciting; we teamed up with many different countries. They had unique robots that scored well. It was also very fun because other teams gave treats to us and we got to play fun games. We gave out different things to other teams including Island Princess candy and stickers. Every team decorated their booths differently. For instance we decorated our booth with banners while other put balloons in their booths. The top score for the elementary division was 99 that score was better than the middle school score. The teams that scored 99 were both from China. Team Y finished in 42 out of 68 in their division. Team A finished 26 out of 68 in their division. In all there are 4 different divisions. The new VEX IQ Challenge for 2017-2018 is called Ring Master. You have to pick up rings and put them on elevated goals, some have to be put on poles sticking out of the Big Poles. There is 60 Rings in total including 15 bonus rings that must be released by 2 robots. The Kentucky Kingdom was very fun; we got to have free drinks that day and went on exciting rides. It was only open for Vex teams and some names for the rides are: Cyclos, Lightning run, Storm chaser, and breakdance. That was our trip in Kentucky Louisville.
By Kekai, David, and Julian
Day 3: Vex World Competition
Today was our first day of the world championship! At the opening ceremony, we had a Parade of Nations and Jace and Isla marched in it. We met other teams from different countries. We had alliances with teams from Chile and China. Both teams had 4 matches. Each division has 68 teams. Team A is placed 14th in the their Division and Team Y is placed 38th in their Division. We did Skills and Programming. Both teams were interviewed for the Design and STEM Research Award. Afterwards we had dinner at Doc Crow's Southern Smokehouse. We ate southern food such as smoked ribs. We have six more matches tomorrow and hopefully we make it to the finals!
By: Jordan and Daniel
Day 2: Churchill Downs and setting up
Today we went to Churchill Downs where they hold the Kentucky Derby. We found out a lot of facts about the horses and races. We learned that out of the 14 races held on that day, the 12th race is considered the Kentucky Derby. Last year the winning horse is Nyquist. We also prepared for the Robotics World Championship. Our teachers decorated our booth while the students did our programming and skills. For the skills and programming team A got total of 53 points. After a long day of robotics events we went to go eat at a place called Olive Gardens. They served a variety of foods but majority of the students got a type of pasta. We really enjoyed the food we ate there.
by Jace, Parker, and Daniel
Day 1: Mammoth Cave
After a long road trip we finally got to our destination, The Mammoth Cave. Inside it was damp but not that chilly because there was heaters. I loved it because there were cool rock formations on the ceiling and on the ground. Our tour guide explained about  cool rock formations and cool insects. Our trail has a lot of stairs, there was even an extra stair bonus to get you exercised. We ended at a tunnel that has a bunch of insects on the ceiling. After we got some cool souvenirs to remember our wonderful time at Mammoth Cave!
By Hunter   
Getting there
It was a painfully long day, packed with flights. First, we went from Honolulu to Seattle, in a plane for six hours. Most of the time we played on our electronics. Although, a couple people did activities that weren't on electronics ~like books, and Sudoku. On the second flight, which was from Seattle to Atlanta, it was about five hours. During the flight, everyone slept at least for a little while, which was good, because we definitely needed some sleep. At the Atlanta Airport, we ate a breakfast snack. After that, we waited a long time for our flight from Atlanta to Louisville, Kentucky. While we were waiting, we encountered a couple other robotics teams going to World's. We boarded the airplane to Louisville  and when we arrived we got our suitcases from the baggage claim. We rented three cars and separated with each other. We drove to Marriott hotel to drop off our luggage. After that, we quickly ate McDonalds on the way to going to Mammoth Cave. 
by Sammi and Isla