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Next Level 2018-2019

Day 6
Today the Green Tigers went to the country side of Kentucky. There, we went to 2 farms and experienced things we have never done before!
Day 5
The last day of competition was long and challenging but our 3 teams all won awards in their divisions! Team A won the Build Award, Team Y won the Amaze Award and came in 3rd place in their division, and Team X won the Create Award!
Day 4
Today was the first full day of the competition! We drove our robots with many different teams from other countries. Team A was awarded the Girl Powered Award for their essay about being a girl on a robotics team!
Day 3
This morning we went to Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is held. After watching the horses do their practice runs, we had brunch at Denny's. We finished the day at the Kentucky Exposition Center, where we did our skills routines and practiced with our partners. Tomorrow, the full competition begins!
Day 2
Today we spent the day at the Kentucky Science Center. After that we did some shopping and had a Southern dinner at Feast BBQ!
Day 1
After making an unscheduled stop in Indiana to refuel the plane, we went to play with nerf guns in an indoor arena! We then got dinner from White Castle.
We're headed to Worlds!
Team Y wins Excellence
Team X wins Tournament Champion
Team A wins Tournament Champion 3rd Place
The Green Tigers are headed to the 2019 VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky!
2018-2019 East Honolulu VEX IQ League
Team Y is awarded Excellence
Team Y is awarded Tournament Champions
Team Y is awarded Robot Skills 2nd Place
Team X is awarded the Create Award
On Saturday, all four teams participated in our league's final tournament at Sacred Hearts Academy. This was our last tournament before the state competition in March. Teams A and X brought their new robots that they have been working on. It was a very brisk tournament with very little down time. Each team drove in 10 alliance matches and all made it into the finals. In the end, Team X came in third, Z came in second and Y was awarded tournament champions! Team X won the Create Award for their unique robot design and Y was award the Robot Skills 2nd Place Award!
2019 Island Pacific Academy VEX IQ Challenge
Team Y - Excellence Award
Team Z - Design Award
At the one of the last major tournaments before Hawaii's State Competition, teams Y and Z headed out to Kapolei to participate in the 2019 Island Pacific Academy VEX IQ Challenge. The competition made this tournament very challenging. Team Y was able to score 40 points in robot skills and now has the state's highest score! They also won the Excellence Award and Team Z won the Design Award!
2018 Leeward VEX IQ Tournament
Team A - Excellence Award
Team X - Robot Skills Award
On a rainy Saturday, we participated at the 2018 Leeward VEX IQ Tournament at Pearl City High School. There were 45 elementary and middle school teams and the competition was fierce. The teams from around the state have been improving and it shows. The robots drove better and the scores keep getting higher! Once again Team A won the tournament's Excellence Award while Team X was able to win the Robot Skills Award!

2018-2019 Season

Team A
Rylan, Emma, Katelyn, Eric, and Chloe
Team X
Tia, Jackie, Leland, Brendan, and Daniel
Team Y
Kate, Toby, Anson, Seizo, and Raihau
Team Z
Kasyn, Sophie, Aidan, and Ava
Mrs. Mitsuda
Mr. Leong
Mrs. Kajioka
Mr. David
Dr. Fujino
Ms. Galmiche