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Bank Shot 2015-2016

The Competition
Today we went across the Missouri River into Council Bluffs, Iowa for the CREATE U.S. Open Robotics Championship. We arrived at the Mid-American Center around 8 to register and get settled in. We had our robot inspected and passed without any problems. Some of the other teams failed to pass inspection and had to modify their robots. This happened to us at a competition back in Hawaii so we made sure our robot met the requirements. After inspection, we went around and greeted the other teams. We represented Hawaii by dressing in green kikepas and kukui nut leis. The other teams were excited and curious to meet the team that came all the way from Hawaii. We overheard someone wondering if we got to the mainland by boat and another thought we were from New Zealand!
We competed in 5 categories. The competition was fierce as our division had 32 teams with students from grade 5 up to 8 grade! For programming, we came in 3rd and in skills we came in 7th. After a full day of competition we left with the Judges Award. This award was chosen by a team the judges based on exemplary effort and perseverance at the event and team accomplishments throughout the season! We were so excited that we were recognized for all of the hard work we've done!!
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium
Today we went to Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. When we first drove to the zoo, and when we got out, it was really cold. We got our tickets, and we went to many exhibits, such as the Desert Dome, Wild Kingdom, Orangutan Forest, the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium, and the Lied Jungle. The desert dome was cool because there were many desert animals. For the Wild Kingdom, we saw many unique animals in their cages. Also, for the Orangutan Forest, we saw many, many orangutans and there were 2 man-made banyan trees, which stood 65 feet tall! Next, for the aquarium, we saw a big tunnel that went through a big pool with many sea animals. Lastly, for the jungle, we went through many bridges, went inside the jungle through a path to see all the animals, and we had our lunch there. When we were about to go home, we went to 2 gift shops to buy souvenirs.
By Min Jun Han
Day Two: Being in Two States at Once
After lunch the first place we went to was the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. At the bride we got to be in two states at the same time. We went to a line that divides Iowa and Nebraska. After the bridge we went to the Downtown slides. At the downtown slides we used our jackets as sleds. Lastly we ate at the Upstream Brewing Company. We were surprised when a magician came to our table and showed us magic tricks using foam rabbits and cards, We finished our homework and now we are going to bed.
Day Two in Omaha, Nebraska 
We arrived in Omaha, after a 2 hour flight from Houston. When we left the airport it was freezing. It was 52 degrees! We picked up our rental car and checked in to our hotel. We then ate lunch at Spaghetti Works. Now we're going sight seeing!
By Tony and Hyojae
Day One
Today we are going to Houston. We met at the airport, and we're waiting  for the United airplane to go to Houston. We'll be on the plane for about 7 and a half hours.When we get to the Houston, we have to rush over to the other plane that takes us to Omaha.
By Hyojae Park and Eric Sun​